Whether you are a Hillary or Bernie supporter, the vast majority of ROF’s audience will agree that the Democrats must win the White House in 2016. The problem that is quickly taking shape, however, is that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has become so internally political and dysfunctional that it’s failing to act in the best interest of the Democratic Party, and instead acting with a personal agenda. This is becoming very clear to the entire Democratic Party base, and the backlash is building quickly.

There are now petitions popping up online asking for Democrats to pledge they will not vote for Hillary, even if she becomes the Democratic candidate for President. The purpose of these petitions is to send a strong message to the DNC that they must become an honest organization representing the desires of their base, and not their personal interests to help push one single candidate. They must recognize that their base is beginning to very strongly support Bernie, and they must give him a legitimate shot at winning the primary against Hillary.

Some of the online petitions go a step further by emphasizing to the DNC that its base will not support a Democratic candidate simply because the person claims to be a Democrat, and is the person the DNC desires in power. The base no longer is going to blindly follow the lead of the DNC, and instead will form its opinion by looking at a candidate’s record, and what the voting base can learn from the wealth of information available on social media.  To view one such petition, click WE WILL NOT SUPPORT HILLARY CLINTON.

The GOP is having this exact same issue with responding to its base, and is the reason that party has become beyond dysfunctional. If the DNC does not quickly get its act together, then the DNC will find itself losing its entire advantage going into this presidential election, and will be asking itself in November 2016 what went wrong.

The constituents of both parties have had it with the present system and establishment. The outcry within both parties is becoming almost militant. Why can’t the leaders hear and respond?