Bernie Sanders’ campaign looks like it may be doing what its critics previously thought was impossible. Sanders is now passing Hillary Clinton in many polls, including New Hampshire, and critics see this as a sign that the campaign has matured and has a real shot at the White House.


Sanders’ campaign is calling the Franklin Pierce University and the Boston Herald poll, which found Sanders beating Clinton 44 percent to 37 percent in the Granite State, an “astonishing” feat. It gives even more fuel to a momentum that the Sanders team is riding to significantly expand its ground game, especially in New Hampshire.

[Julia] Barnes, who was a regional field director for Joe Biden in 2006 and worked on President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, is at the core of Sanders’ New Hampshire operation.

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Barnes didn’t want to call the poll findings a game changer, saying it’s not going to cause an operational shift. But she said the numbers help cultivate enthusiasm for the campaign’s volunteers. She said ‘for the network of people supporting Bernie, it’s astonishing.’

While the Clinton campaign is claiming that the New Hampshire poll is an outlier, and it is true that Clinton still appears to hold a fair lead in the polls, it’s a clear sign that the Sanders campaign is growing and evolving.

Bernie Sanders is the real thing.