The anti-Muslim support militia known as the Arizona Special Operations Group has been revealed by an FBI sting to be little more than a front for peddling drugs.

On July 22nd, Parris Frazier, Robert Deatherage, and Erik Foster were arrested after falling for an FBI sting where they thought they were going to take cocaine for sale at a price of $15,000 per kilogram.

The FBI sting started in January, after the bureau received information that Frazier was asking Customs and Border Patrol agents about where they get information for illegal border activity.

From Talking Points Memo:

An undercover FBI agent then began contacting Frazier while posing as the Border Patrol agents’ source. Frazier allegedly told the undercover agent that “he had a small group of Patriots that he trusted and they were trying to take care of (steal) anything that came up out of Mexico (drugs) or was going back into Mexico (bulk cash),” adding that his group preferred to chase the cash. He allegedly offered a cut of whatever was seized to the undercover agent, too.

They later participated in the sting operation and were apprehend at Frazier’s girlfriend’s home after attempting to flee from an FBI SWAT team in a high speed chase.