A group of five Black Lives Matter protesters were barred from attending a Hillary Clinton campaign event, but the candidate met with the group in private after her rally ended, reported CNN.

Founder of the Boston chapter of Black Lives Matter, Daunasia Yancey, said Clinton met with BLM activists for 15 minutes after the rally. Reportedly, the meeting was “positive,” but Yancey said she still has more questions for Clinton. However, reporters were not allowed to attend the private meeting.

“We did have a couple of particular questions that we wanted to ask her, and we were able to do so, and she was able to respond,” said Yancey. “We asked the secretary about her and her family’s history with the war on drugs both at home and abroad and how she felt about her involvement in that violence that has been perpetuated, especially against communities of color and against black folk.”

The BLM activists asked that the meeting not be covered by journalists, and the Clinton campaign granted the request. “We said that we did not want to take a photo with her,” said Yancey. “The only thing that we were asked about was whether we wanted to include photos.”

Black Lives Matter has conducted a string of campaign protests, the latest taking place at Jeb Bush’s rally in North Las Vegas.