One factor that is constant, in every religion, is the concept of one’s religious right. Michelle Bachmann is one of the many politicians spreading their radical religious values throughout their career. She believes her spiritual “rights” are shared by most Americans. In a recent radio interview with Understanding the Times, she preached of her true Christian ideals. What exactly does she believe? Michelle has deluded herself with the preconceived notion of a modern-day biblical “prophecy.”

One of the many rights that Americans hold is that of free religion. We have the right to practice wherever and whenever we so choose. Michelle has exercised that right, unfortunately, and continues to spread her radical interpretations. The ancient prophecy is in reference to the return of Jesus Christ. How does this divination become fulfilled? It becomes fulfilled when the state of Israel is overrun, and two-thirds of their population are slaughtered. Michelle Bachmann supports the genocide of over five million innocent Israelis.

Michelle, and many other Republicans, passionately support and defend this apocalyptic poison. The sordid truth is that they would see the world destroyed. We need to purge these cancerous creatures from politics. Logic is what is needed in the American government, not religious ideals. Radical politicians, who base their decisions off a book written thousands of years ago, should remove themselves from politics. Perhaps they can replace their lack of humanity and logic with a sense of dignity.