Nearly half of the GOP field is in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry. A new report from the Guardian highlights that these candidates have brought in loads of cash from the industry. How could those same candidates be expected to not obstruct action on climate change?

According to the Guardian:

Eight out of the 17 GOP figures currently jostling for their party’s presidential nomination have between them attracted a bonanza of at least $62m so far this year from sources either directly involved in polluting industries or with close financial ties to them. Three Republican contenders stand out as the chief recipients of this fossil fuel largesse: the Republican climate change denier-in-chief, Ted Cruz; the party establishment favorite Jeb Bush; and the former governor of Texas, Rick Perry.

Just 17 people are responsible for contributing that $62 million to the campaigns of these GOP candidates and they all have connection to oil and gas, fracking, fossil fuel corporations and industries.

There is no way to reasonably think that these individuals are contributing this amount of money to these candidates without any expectation that their interests – interests that threaten the planet’s well being – will be cared for.

The single largest contribution, $15 million, went to a super PAC supporting Ted Cruz from two brothers who made their fortunes in the fracking industry.

These candidates must be kept as far away from places of power in this country as possible.