In recent months, as tensions over the symbol of the confederate flag have flared, many on the right have tried to rewrite the history of the Civil War to suit their pro-Confederate flag narrative. Many claim that the Civil War was not fought over Slavery, but over a litany of other issues such as states’ rights, economic differences, or simply to keep the union together.

In this video produced by Prager University, Colonel Ty Seidule, Head of the History Department at the United States Military Academy at West Point, swiftly debunks these ridiculous arguments with historical facts.

“Slavery is the great shame of America’s history. No one denies that. But it is to America’s everlasting credit that it fought the most devastating war in its history in order to abolish slavery.”

This video presents the argument that the Civil War unequivocally was about slavery. To obscure that fact with nonsense does our country a disservice. Can we please stop having this conversation? Watch the video below.

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