Despite the political assault that Republicans have launched against Planned Parenthood, the health program is actually more popular than any single Republican presidential candidate, reported

According to new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Planned Parenthood enjoys a 45 percent positive rating among Americans, while only 30 percent of Americans feel negatively about Planned Parenthood. The National Rifle Association (NRA) polled worse, 43 percent positive, 32 percent negative, than Planned Parenthood.

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Jeb Bush each received a 26 percent positive score in the poll, nowhere near the positive score received by Planned Parenthood. Compared to Planned Parenthood’s 30 percent negative score, Trump and Bush received a 40 percent and 56 percent negative score, respectively.

Below is a chart of how Planned Parenthood stacks up against the NRA, the Supreme Court, and the presidential candidates.