A Kentucky grand jury just indicted a police chief and officer on charges related to the severe mistreatment of a mentally ill inmate, reported CBS News. The two law enforcement officials took the inmate, and put him on a one-way bus to Florida last spring.

Carrollton Police Chief Michael S. Willhoite, 48, and Officer Ronald Dickow, 50, were indicted on charges of complicity to commit kidnapping, complicity to commit custodial interference, and complicity to commit official misconduct. The charges stem from their violation of a court order to transport the mentally-ill inmate to Eastern State Hospital.

The inmate, Adam Horine, was reportedly hearing voices and felt suicidal, symptoms of schizophrenia. Instead of taking Horine to a mental hospital for treatment, Willhoite and Dickow took the man to a Louisville bus station and bought him a one-way ticket to western Florida. The officers were arraigned on Monday.

Police misconduct is a rampant disease in the United States. These two officers up the ante for mistreating members of the community.