Many revile Donald Trump’s presence in the Republican presidential race. However, his presence may actually prove to be beneficial to Democrats and the other GOP candidates, reported the Wall Street Journal. Specifically, in regard to the GOP candidates, Trump is bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in free publicity. The GOP debate on Fox was a record audience. No debate in history has even come close. Because of Trump, all of the candidates received a huge platform for the public to get to know them. They never would have had this without Trump.

There’s no doubt that Trump’s loud, boisterous personality has helped his lead in the polls. Nevertheless, the American people can only take so much bombast without growing weary of it. As the primaries heat up, conservatives will get tired of a cartoon character like Trump, and will begin turning to the other GOP candidates that they now have discovered because of Trump’s media circus.

According to the WSJ, “six months remain before the votes are cast in Iowa. That’s plenty of time for a summer fling to fade away.” A dissolved love affair with Trump will only help the other GOP candidates of viable contention within the party. Democrats also stand to benefit from Trump’s sideshow campaign.

Trump’s campaign will help his GOP opponents over the long haul, but it will help the Democratic race even more. The strongest GOP nominee will still be a weak opponent against whoever wins the Democratic nod. For example, Rubio’s young face will only get him so far, Bush has an atrocious record with women and black people, and both tend to struggle with some Hispanic voters.

Much like the 2012 elections, this will be won by whoever can win the support of women and minorities. That isn’t any of the GOP candidates, especially Trump. The 2016 election is looking favorable for the Democrats, as of now.