Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sold out the Democratic base and announced his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, reported the Huffington Post. Siding with pro-Israel hawks, Schumer forfeited the support of liberal anti-war groups, a mistake that’s cost him $8.3 million in contributions.

Within 24 hours of announcing his opposition to the Iran deal, anti-war group MoveOn said it will withhold $8.3 million from Schumer and other Democrats who opposed the Iran nuclear deal. MoveOn leaders had some choice words for Schumer and like-minded Democrats.

“We thought Schumer and the Democratic party had learned this lesson a decade ago after the war of choice in Iraq,” said Nick Berning, MoveOn’s communications director. “We want to demonstrate to those who haven’t made their decision yet there will be substantial political consequences for those who want to take us to war.”

The National Iranian American Council, which also supports the Iran nuclear deal, took Schumer to task by comparing his diplomatic stances to former President George W. Bush. “He states that he is opposing the deal because Iran will retain ‘its nuclear and non-nuclear power,’” said Jamal Abadi of the NIAC. “These demands make the Bush Administration’s aversions to negotiations seem pragmatic in comparison. In what negotiated outcome would Iran have relinquished not just its nuclear power, but its non-nuclear power?”

Schumer’s misguided decision lost him lots of funding from anti-war groups, but will surely secure him a check from pro-Israel hawks who oppose the Iran nuclear deal. Either way, this series of events only highlights the power of money in politics.