No matter what he says. No matter how offensive he is. No matter how hard Fox News and others within leadership at GOP attack him, they can’t stop the GOP base from supporting Donald Trump.

According to a recent NBC Online Survey (the accuracy we have no idea), Trump is leading with 23% of Republican primary voters. Half of his support states they will follow him if he decides to run as an independent candidate. This is terrify to the GOP leadership.

Trump is a horrendous candidate. He is openly sexist and attacks Hispanic immigrants as rapists and murderers. There is no way for him to win the presidency without Hispanic and women votes. The GOP knows this and that is why they had their moderators openly attack him before the largest audience in debate history. Yet, it did nothing to him.

Just as shocking, look at who is in the second to fifth positions. Trump (23%), Cruz (13%), Carson (11%), Fiorina (8%), Rubio (8%).

This is excellent news for the Democratic Party. Keep it up Trump. We are counting on you to once and for all destroy the GOP, just as you have bankrupted so many companies. You are doing an incredible job.