A New Jersey teacher responded to Gov. Chris Christie’s comment that teacher’s unions should be “punched in the face” by volunteering to take that punch, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer.

New Jersey teacher Russ Walsh volunteered himself to be punched in the face by Christie, an obvious bash against the governor’s comment. Walsh harshly criticized Christie for the statement in his blog and said “I regret that I have only one face to give for my profession.” Walsh has been a teacher for 45 years and was president of his local union.

“I am well qualified for the job,” Walsh said. “I have been a public school teacher and administrator for 45 years. I have been the president and the chief negotiator of my local teacher’s union. I have been sharply critical of Christie’s education policies on my blog. I deserve that punch in the face. I have earned it.”

Walsh continued his verbal pummeling of the New Jersey governor, saying Christie’s education policies have not benefited teachers or students. “The children of New Jersey are worse off educationally than they were when Christie took office,” Walsh added. “And yet, those teachers he loves to hate keep soldiering on, doing their best in the face of intolerable and deteriorating conditions to provide a good education for New Jersey’s children.”

“Take your best shot,” concluded Walsh.

Well stated, Mr. Walsh. It’s about time someone stood up to a bully like Christie. Teachers work hard enough without having some overzealous politician saying they should get physically assaulted.