MSNBC wasted no time in dumbing down its message after gutting its progressive voice. After the first Republican presidential debate on Thursday, the network held a praise party for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), led by MSNBC host Chris Matthews. At this point, MSNBC and Fox News are quickly becoming one-in-the-same.

Matthews asked Republican strategist Matt Schlapp: “Put yourself into the body and mind of Hillary Clinton, who scared you?” And so began the Rubio lovefest. Schlapp said Rubio “resembles the kind of opponent she fears.” Giving a candidate credit for a not bombing a debate is one thing, but MSNBC is giving Rubio a pat on the back. There’s absolutely no liberal insight.

Fox News held its own Rubio worship session the morning following the debate, and crackpot host Steve Doocy led the sermon. Of course, Fox News is going to push any Republican candidate who increases the chance of a conservative winning the White House.

After MSNBC President Phil Griffin axed the network’s progressive personalities, its demise became inevitable. It appears, however, the end is closer than we thought. MSNBC and Fox News should just merge and get it over with.