A police officer in the Dallas area shot and killed a young, unarmed black college student during a struggle, reported Salon. The incidents of cops shooting unarmed black men has become depressingly common.

Officer Brad Miller, 49, of the Arlington Police Department shot and killed 19-year-old Christian Taylor, a sophomore college student and football player at Angelo State University in San Angelo. Officers responded to a disturbance at a car dealership after Taylor crashed his car through the dealership’s front window early Friday morning.

There was a struggle, and Miller shot Taylor. Despite Miller’s age, he was brand new on the force having graduated from the police academy last March and started in Arlington last September. He was still working under the supervision of a training police officer. This incident is a rookie mistake that cost a young man his life.

By Friday night, the story spread through the news, and #ChristianTaylor became a trending hashtag on Twitter.

Currently, it’s still unknown how or why Taylor crashed his car. Officer Miller has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation. But we all know how internal police investigations usually turn out.