A lesbian couple in Tennessee burned down their own house and claimed it was a hate crime in an attempt to receive a large insurance payment, reported the Washington Times. This is low and spits in the face of all those who have fought, and continue to fight, for LGBT civil rights. They should be prosecuted to the maximum extent for arson, insurance fraud, and filing a false police reports. This is no better than conversative hatred and racism, and it’s the type of action that set back the Progressive movement.

Carol Ann and Laura Jean Stutte committed the fake arson attack and spraypainted the word “queers” on their home in 2010. A jury in U.S. District Court ruled in favor of the American Property and Casualty Company on Monday after the insurance company provided sufficient evidence that the alleged hate crime was a hoax.

Even worse, the Stuttes blamed their neighbor, Janice Millsaps, for the burning in a lawsuit. They claimed that Millsaps said: “Do you know what is better than one dead queer? Two dead queers.” After an FBI probe, Millsaps was never charged for the arson and even passed a polygraph examination. In fact, not even the Stuttes were charged with arson.

The Stuttes’ action is a blatant slap in the face to pro-gay advocates who’ve fought for decades to ensure the equal treatment of the LGBT community. Instead, they attempted to use a vital socio-political narrative for financial gain.