Fox News host Megyn Kelly emerged as a journalistic folk hero of sorts after Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate when she seemed to have candidate Donald Trump dead in her crosshairs. Yet, her focus on Trump wasn’t the result of journalistic integrity and the search for truth; it was by design, and the architect was Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

Even many liberals have fallen under the Kelly spell. However, the love affair with Kelly is severely misguided, even foolish. Let’s not forget she’s the most popular host on the most-hated network news channel, Fox News. That spot was once held by Bill O’Reilly, a seething pile of hate and anger.

There are a cornucopia of reasons and reminders that Kelly is no different than all the other pig-headed personalities on Fox News. She got soft on the Duggars, promising not to ask Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar any hard questions during an interview. She even said that President Obama was sending subliminal anti-Christian messages to Muslims.

Megyn Kelly is awful. And why so many conservatives and liberals are infatuated with her is beyond reason. Sure, maybe she’s on a hot-streak and her career is soaring right now. But the fact remains that beneath all the TV glitz and popularity, Megyn Kelly is still a Fox News hack complete with all the nonsense and boorishness that goes with it.

Here are some examples of Kelly’s terrible history as a Fox News goon.