Scott Walker has finally been named as a John Doe in an ongoing criminal investigation. Despite Walker’s many statements to the contrary, it comes as no surprise.While the investigation is ongoing, there were a number of things tying him to the corruption.

Emails showed that Walker was deeply involved, and he was accused of not cooperating with the investigation. Walker also created a legal cooperation fund, which sources report he can only do if he is under investigation.

As Crooks and Liars reports:

Investigators had a number of options that they could pursue with Walker. There was the illegal politicking of having his county staff coordinating with his campaign staff. There was using county time, equipment and personnel for campaigning and fundraising. Then there were allegations that Walker and others, including his then campaign finance director, John Hiller, doing [sic] bid rigging for a lease to house county staff.

It’s the latter issue of meddling in leasing that prosecutors are investigating Walker for.

Prosecutors wrote in their filings Wednesday that they had reason to believe that Walker, Friends of Scott Walker campaign treasurer John Hiller, and real estate broker Andrew Jensen violated public office misconduct laws.

Walker’s campaign addressed the charges in a statement.

“The information released today comes from a case that has been closed for more than two years,” Strong said. “It is another example of the politics involved in this process as people who could not prove things in a court of law are attempting to win in the court of public opinion.”

But, as Ring of Fire has reported, we know the real reason the lawsuit was unsuccessful previously is that the judges that decided the case received campaign funds from the same groups that back Walker.