President Obama is drawing a line between the lawmakers that oppose his deal with Iran on nuclear weapons and their prior support for war in Iraq. Obama said that voting to agree with his proposed deal may be the most consequential foreign policy decision they have faced since the Iraq War.

“Many of the same people who argued for the war in Iraq are now making the case against the Iran nuclear deal,” said Obama.

Obama also compared Republicans opposed to the deal with Iranians who chant things like “death to America.” Obama said that those Iranians are “making a common cause with the Republican caucus.”

Needless to say, the comments from Obama did not go over well with groups opposed to the Iran nuclear deal.

“President Obama’s speech today is just another example of his reliance on endless straw men to divert attention from his failed policies,” said Sens. McCain and Graham in a joint statement.

“Those of us who have warned President Obama about his past mistakes are warning him again about the consequences of this deal with Iran,” said the Senators.

Congress is expected to vote on the deal next month.