Fox is currently hosting the first round of GOP debates for for the party’s nomination heading into the 2016 presidential race. As we expected, the subjects they are discussing are wildly offensive and the positions are expectantly backward.

First up, the host Martha MacCallum asked the former New York Governor George Pataki whether he would combat Muslim extremism by putting mosques under surveillance.

“How far are you willing to go to root out this problem here at home?” MacCallum asked. “Would you put mosques, for example, potentially under surveillance? And keep in mind that conservatives are increasingly concerned in this country with religious liberty.”

Encouraging a fellow American to engage in violent jihad and kill an American here. That is not protected free speech…that is not protected religious belief….I would do everything in our power  not just to go after those who we know who are here before they can radicalize other Americans to carry out attacks

All well and good, Mr. Patakis (even though you didn’t actually answer the question). Are you – or any of the other candidates – willing to take equally strong action against white Christian terrorists like Dylann Roof and his ilk?

We’re still waiting to hear back on that one.