Thank you ROF audience for emailing MSNBC president Phil Griffin your disgust over MSNBC’s new trend to becoming the next Fox News.  Below are those who have proudly stood up to make their voice heard. Click on their names to read their emails.

We hope you will join their cause and send Mr. Griffin (president of MSNBC) your thoughts.

Please send us a copy of your email to and we will post on our web site.

Linda Samelson

Gene Grabiner

John Barkan

Anonymous Angry Letter

Kimberly Newman

Linda Maslin

Richard Billups

Mary Fortson

Arlene Drucker

Diane and Dick Cunningham

Harry Chapman

Anonymous Letter

Rev. Bill Rishel

Andrew Sokol

Mary Curtis

Anonymous Letter

Thomas Stewart

Ed Berrios

Tim Caldwell

An Angry and Disappointed Viewer

Kevin Murphy

The Pardu

RaeLynne Toperoff

Jim Williams

Christopher Cudworth

Steve Cain

Richard Farkas

John Brogan

Norm Strassner

Margaret Trauernicht

C. Morales

Anonymous Letter

Marsha Cunningham

Cordell Webb

Arthur Fisher

Patricia Najafabadi

Lois Henderson

Carolyn Newton

Amy Fried

Chris Fraser

Sharon Ferren

Vicki Osborn

Lori McFarland

Sarah Goldston

Sally Ramirez

Peggy Munson

Joyce Short

Larry Roberts

Ray Martinez

Carol Larson

Scott Binkerd

Kate Branch

Sheila Fried

Joe Manelis

Cheri Gaspero

Linda Evans

Jim O’Halloran

Dave Cunningham

Denise Neufeldt

Catherine Knapp

Gina Storts

Linda Ransom

Linda Read

Julie Reynolds

Albert Lampley

Susan and Tom Morris

Carmine Tocci

George Keiper

Sue Flores

Joy Gale

Frederic Kiema

Ginger Osann

Sue Coulliard

Linda Belcher

Steve Myers

Shannon Rudolph

Aly Leoni

Lavonn Ambrecht

Terry Berry

Kevin Landon

Ed Maurer

Clark Yerrington

Kim Horn

Louis Fiquet

Stewart Hart

Francis Grates

Kevin Cavanaugh

Nate Cunningham

Mickey Crittenden

Paula Chaney

Erica Posey

Frank Giarratano

Chris Edmonson

Deborah Ossege

Richard Leighton

Nanette Carnes

Sue & Peter Cohen

Jerry Webb

Lynn Fox

Ivy Robinson


Sidney Russell-Achurch

Barbara Carvallo

Victoria Sidlauskas

Stacey Hall

Joseph Savoly

Andi Dailey

Keith Lattimore-Walsh

Concerned Viewer

Lorraine & Phil Holcomb

Susan Baber


Kate Jewell

Sherril Stewart


Frederic Schwartz

John Lucia