Fox News was more than its usual amount of fracas Monday night on an episode of Hannity. The host, Sean Hannity, attempted to host a panel comprised of New Hampshire residents to discuss the Republican field, including Donald Trump.

Of course, the contentious issue of Donald Trump could not be discussed by conservatives without erupting into an all out war. One person would make a point that seemed to express support for Trump and another would vehemently disagree.

It wasn’t long before comparisons of Trump to Ronald Reagan were being made to defend Trump’s credentials.

“People of the United States are agreeing with what he’s saying,” said one woman. “The other Republicans better start making making fun of him because they made fun of Ronald Reagan and I think Donald Trump could become the next President of the United States.”

“People have not done their homework,” another man countered. “He changes his views like he changes his underwear.”

Watch the insanity below.