The residents of a Miami, Florida, suburb want to take back the key to the city it awarded Trump earlier this year, reported the South Florida Business Journal. This motion to revoke is another ramification of Trump’s racist speech against Mexican immigrants.

Residents are calling on the Doral City Council to remove the key to the city from Trump, an honor he received because of renovations made to the Trump National Doral golf resort. Trump’s popularity crashed and burned among Doral’s Hispanic residents, who make up 80 percent of the city’s population, after his infamous candidacy announcement.

“Mr. Trump’s statements are offensive to all Latinos, but especially to the undocumented community,” said Bertha Sanles, an undocumented mother in Miami. “Trump is focused on promoting hatred and ignores the positive economic contributions we bring to this country. Deporting 11 million immigrants is not the solution. On the contrary, getting us out of the shadows strengthens the economy.”

Not only does the town seek to strip Trump of the city’s key, they will also cancel any city business and events originally set to take place at the Trump National Doral golf resort. The resort reportedly earned approximately $50 million last year. Hit Trump where it matters: his pocket.

It’s not ending for Trump. The longer he runs for president, the more groups he alienates. The only voter support he’s won is among the fringe conservative wingnuts. Without the support of Hispanic voters, he won’t win the election. Trump should cut his losses and go home.