Everyone in the state of Oregon who is legally eligible to vote will be registered to vote thanks to the states first-in-the-nation law that automatically registers voters. And, no surprise here, conservatives hate it.

The LA Times reports:

In front of a packed and cheering audience Monday, Gov. Kate Brown signed a first-in-the-nation bill to automatically register all eligible Oregonians to vote when they obtain or renew a driver’s license or state identification card. Those who are registered through the new process will be notified by mail and will be given three weeks to take themselves off the voting rolls. If they do not opt out, the secretary of state’s office will mail them a ballot automatically 20 days before any election.

What’s more, the law passed both governing bodies in the state without the support of a single Republican. That’s right, not a single Republican voted to make voting access easier in Oregon.

Republicans against the measure trumped up clams that automatically registering voters would endanger the privacy of some citizens. Others simply expressed that they were very disappointed with the law’s passage.

“During testimony on the bill, a legislator said to me, ‘It’s already so easy to register in Oregon, why would we make it easier?'” Gov. Brown said as she signed the law. “My answer is that we have the tools to make voter registration more cost-effective, more secure and more convenient for Oregonians.”

“Why wouldn’t we?”