Hate-filled talking heads like Rush Limbaugh are finding out that their particular brand of vitriol doesn’t sell well with younger demographics. Since last year Rush Limbaugh has lost nearly half of his listener base in Western New York.

Limbaugh makes his money by spewing hateful stigmas about the likes of women, who he has called receptacles for male semen, gay men, who he has compared to pedophiles, and Hispanics, who he has called spermatozoa. Rush cannot go out of business fast enough.

Buffalo News writes:

A large portion of valuable listeners in Western New York appears to have turned against – or at least turned off – conservative talk show Rush Limbaugh.

At first glance, Limbaugh is doing extremely well on WBEN-AM. The conservative talk station was No. 1 during the spring book from March 26 through June 17 from noon to 3 p.m. for listeners 12 years and older when Limbaugh is on the station. But Limbaugh lost almost half of his share of listeners from a year ago in the “money” demographic of listeners ages 25 through 54 that advertisers covet.

I have little doubt that Limbaugh’s decline is the result of more and more ordinary people having the means to resist him and make their voices heard online via social media. If only we could finish the job and get Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves completely.