In Alabama, it’s okay for officers to theaten to kill black people, and make it appears to be self-defense. That certainly is the case with Officer Troy Middlebrooks, reports the Guardian.

Vincent Bias, the target of Officer Middlebrooks murder plot, brought a lawsuit against the officer and police department which resulted in a $35,000 settlement. Middlebrooks even got to keep his job.

The events started in Alexander City, Alabama, when Bias was released on bail after being arrested by Middlebrooks on drug charges. “Something’s going on with that fucking lawyer he knows, and that fucking … the judge or something,” Middlebrooks said in a recording. Middlebrooks then describes how “the police were going to pull [Bias] aside on a routine traffic stop and [Bias] would get killed.” “And before the police got here, I’d fucking put marks all over my shit and make it look like he was trying to fucking kill me. I god damn guarantee you.” “What would it look like? Self fucking defense. Fuck that piece of shit. I’m a lot different from a lot of these other folks. I’ll fucking tell you what’s on my fucking mind.”

In Alabama, Officer Middlebrooks murder plot are not grounds for dismissal from the police force. Instead, he received a “discipline”, and still patrols the streets of Alexander City to this day, waiting to pull over black people.