With a quick visit to the Texas Attorney General’s Website (Consumer Protection/Frauds and Scams page), a citizen of Texas is warned of the signs of fraud.  The Attorney General cautions citizens that “Every day, Texans lose money to scams and frauds.  It happens in more ways than you can imagine.  Decent, intelligent people are duped out of their life by smooth-talking, utterly unscrupulous crooks.”  “Just who are these smooth-talking, utterly unscrupulous crooks?” the decent, intelligent, law abiding Texans might ask.

Perhaps Texans need to look no further than the Attorney General himself. On Monday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton turned himself in on felony fraud charges involving accusations of securities fraud.  He was brought in and posed for his DOJ glamour shot while being booked for fraud charges.

Last July, a grand jury returned an indictment for first-degree felony charges, which can mean serious prison time (as much as 99 years) for Ken Paxton if he is found guilty.  The details of the indictment are currently under seal and are unavailable to the public and Ken Paxton has yet to face trial, so the public is still left in wait to see if one of these “smooth-talking unscrupulous crooks who dupe people out of their life savings” is actually yet another member of the Tea Party Gone Wild society of crooks who use their positions of power to steal from investors and/or members of the general public.

Ken Paxton garners quite a high degree of national attention already.  He is a staunch member of the Tea Party who wears his badge proudly – openly opposing same sex marriage (including actually telling county clerks in Texas that they can refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses despite the recent Supreme Court decision); engaging in all-out fight against abortion, and opposing the Affordable Care Act.  Only time will tell if Ken Paxton will join the ever-growing roster of his brethren of nut job Tea Party government officials who are also found to be embedded in grotesque and dishonest fraudulent behavior.