Famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson skewered the mentality of racist white people during an Australian television appearance, reported RawStory.

While on Q&A, a program on the Australian Broadcasting Association channel, Tyson was asked about soccer player Adam Goodes getting booed for celebrating his goals with an indigenous dance. Like in America, there is a heated racial debate going on in Australia. Tyson remarked on an incident where a 13-year old girl called Goodes an “ape” for his goal celebrations.

“You know what she’s done, she’s selectively chosen things about apes that she thinks apply to him and not other things that would apply to people who are white,” said Tyson. “For example, apes have hair all over their bodies. You have never seen a black person with hair all over their bodies. Black people are some of the least hairiest people in this world! Who are the hairiest? It’s white people! With hair on the back, out of the neck. And so if you focused on hair then you could call white people monkeys, right. It’s all racist conduct.”

Tyson has more amazing commentary about racism around the world in the video below: