Forest Park Elementary School in Indiana is getting sued for “banishing” a 7-year-old child from sitting with other kids because he doesn’t believe in God, reported RawStory.

The young boy, identified only as A.B., was interrogated by second grade teacher Michelle Myer about his religious beliefs after he told classmates that he didn’t go to church because he didn’t believe in God. A.B. was “banished” from sitting with his classmates during lunch for three days afterward. The lawsuit stated the following:

Ms. Meyer asked A.B. if he had told the girl that he did not believe in God and A.B. said he had and asked what he had done wrong. Ms. Meyer asked A.B. if he went to church, whether his family went to church, and whether his mother knew how he felt about God. . . She also asked A.B. if he believed that maybe God exists.

Because A.B. “offended” his fellow classmates, the teacher asserted, he was forced to sit by himself during lunch and was not allowed to talk to the other students. Being ostracized from the class for his beliefs caused A.B. to come home from school crying and “served to reinforce A.B.’s feeling that he had committed some transgression that justified his exclusion.” The result of the teacher’s banishment made A.B. fearful about going to school.

The young boy was discriminated because of his religious views, plain and simple. This is no different than if a Muslim child was singled out because of his religious belief. Just as the rights of Christians, Muslims, and Jews are protected, the rights of those who do not believe in any certain religion must also be protected.