A pro-Confederate flag demonstrator was caught wearing a pair of FUBU shoes during a protest at Stone Mountain Park outside of Atlanta, Georgia, reported RawStory. FUBU, short for “For us, by us,” is an African American clothing brand associated with urban and hiphop culture.

George Chidi of Neon Flag, an independent blog based in Atlanta, confronted the man, who had a Ku Klux Klan tattoo and a hat that bore the KKK block cross. “I just wanted to mention, I didn’t know if you were aware, I know you came here with the Ku Klux Klan or whatever,” said Chidi. “The only thing I wanted to mention is that the shoes you’re wearing. The brand FUBU, it stands for ‘For us, by us.’”

As RawStory noted, the man didn’t understand the irony of a pro-white, pro-Confederate supporter wearing a clothing brand designed for the African American community. To further show his ignorance, the man said to Chidi, who’s a black man, that he hated “what [his] people are doing to this country.”

When he wasn’t talking to Chidi, the man just shouted a bunch of ignorant nonsense about how he’s a “southern American” and that he wasn’t with the KKK, despite his tattoo and hat.