An officer with the Cleveland Police Department pulled his gun on two black women at the scene of a hit-and-run accident, reported the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The photo was originally posted on Reddit and went viral.

The officer, still unnamed, was flagged down to investigate a reported hit-and-run accident. When those suspected of committing the accident fled the scene, the officer ducked behind his motorcycle and drew his pistol at two black women. The women who the officer drew the gun on were reportedly the ones who called the police and reported the accident.

According to Reddit user u/RunninOnStalin, “My friend took this [photo] on her smartphone and posted it on Twitter. I texted her and she said the woman had gotten in a car accident and called the police to come to the scene. This man showed up and she left the car to talk to him, but as she began walking, he drew his gun and shouted at her.”

Thankfully, the weapon wasn’t discharged and no one was injured. Despite that, this situation came dangerously close to becoming deadly. Several officers already have itchy trigger fingers. There doesn’t need to be another senseless death because of that reason.