Chris Christie can deluded himself into believing that the people of New Jersey don’t want him to be president because they love him all he wants. The truth is that they don’t want him to be president because, based on what they have seen of him as governor, they think he would be terrible for the country. Christie’s recently being booed by more than 60,000 people at an event this last weekend is proof.

When presenting a trophy to the champion American Pharoah, Christie was blasted by the entire crowd, some 60,983 strong, booing him.

As Steve Politi of the New Jersey Star Register wrote:

And then, the record crowd of 60,983 booed.




Maybe he should have hung around Bill Murray.

Thanks to someone in the crowd that day, there’s even video of the event.

New Jerseyans have been polled multiple times about whether they approve of Christie and – consistently – they report that not only do they disfavor the governor, they think he would be a bad president.

But go ahead, Chris, tell yourself they’re booing because they love you.

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