Scott Walker claims to have a clear message: Education is the key to growing the economy. As Walker himself put it, “Truth be told, the best way to help people get better wages is not to grow the economy, but to help people get a better education and the skills and the qualifications.” To lay it on thick, he added, “I want to lift everybody up, and the way to do that is through education. You don’t do that through a government dictate, you say let’s get people the education and the skills and the qualifications they need for careers that pay far more than the minimum wage.”  It sounds like someone is running for President.

Truth be told, Walker has been the enemy of education as governor of the State of Wisconsin. Not only did he propose a budget cutting $300 million from the University of Wisconsin over two years, he also sought to deprive public primary schools of another $127 million. He has also presided over a freeze on special education, now in its eight year and has required looser standards for the licensing of teachers. During his term as governor, Walker has seen fit to decrease per pupil spending by a greater percentage that every other state in the country. So Scott Walker is #1 in the country at cutting what his state spends per student on education.  Somehow, his rhetoric does not match his actions.