RoseAnn Demoro, executive director of National Nurses United and an executive council member for the AFL-CIO, stated the following about Hillary: “If I were to characterize her, she’s extremely cautious. It’s sad because as a woman, I think she’s unfairly judged. On the other hand, she’s become so cautious that I actually don’t know what she thinks. I don’t know what she believes. I know what she says, but I don’t know what she believes.”

In these few words, DeMoro has summed up the problem voters have with Hillary. We simply see her as the prototypical politician who is willing to say and do anything to remain in power, and make a fortune doing it.

It really is a shame. After being exposed to Hillary Clinton for more than 20 years, we the voters really don’t know her for sure. She is cautious and calculating in every word she speaks. However, our perception is that she is more concerned with her own power and wealth than she is for the everyday people in the U.S.

As we at ROF have stated in the past, if Hillary becomes president, hopefully she will prove us wrong and finally allow us to see a non-political, caring side. On the other hand, as of this point, we are endorsing a person we know will do the right thing – Bernie Sanders (and hopefully Elizabeth Warren along with him).