A new poll by The Wall Street Journal, NBC News and Spanish language broadcaster Telemundo has found what we all thought was the case: Hispanic voters hate Donald Trump.

The poll of 250 Hispanic adults found that 75% have a negative view of Trump, while only 13% have a positive view. Fifty-five percent said Trump’s remarks on immigrants have been “insulting and racist and have no place in a campaign for president.” Half of those surveyed think Trump’s views are shared by other Republicans.

Since 2012, Republican Party leaders have tried to improve relations with Hispanic voters, after GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney received only 27% of the Hispanic vote. That was the smallest percentage for any GOP nominee since 1996.

Trump likely just set the Republican Party back many years. The reason this is so significant is because many professional pollsters believe it could take winning 30-40% of Hispanic votes in the upcoming presidential election for a GOP candidate to have any chance of retaking the White House.

Keep it up Trump. The Progressive Movement is counting on you.