Trump knows how to pick his advisors. First it was Sarah Palin. Now it’s Sam Nunberg, one of Trump’s top political advisors.

Nunberg apparently holds the exact same beliefs as Trump, and that is apparently why he got the job. Below are some of Nunberg’s Facebook postings over the years:

Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter is a N***er.

President Obama is a “Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser”

President Obama is “Farrakahn’s Messiah”

President Obama is a “Pan Arabist Marxist Muslim.”

Sen. John McCain is one of the “open border Republicans” that is throwing the GOP “down Taco Bell’s toilet.”

New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is a “punk … with a bad lisp.”

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is a “Huckahick”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is “a fat slob who should register as a Democrat.”

Before Mr. Obama was inaugurated in 2009, Nunberg commented: “still tickets available for the Hip Hop Inaugural Ball – G-D help us!”

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