No one likes you? No problem. No one shows up for your political events? No problem. Need protestors at a competitor’s political event? No problem. Call Crowds on Demand at 650-353-0083.

What will Crowds on Demand do for you? They will hire actors to become your instant crowd, holding banners, asking questions, even fainting at the sight of your presence. They even can have actors who appear to be paparazzi.

Think the above is a joke? It’s not. This company really exists, and is being used by political candidates to make it appear they have grassroots support. They also can have their actors appear at a competitor’s campaign stop to make it seem that people despise their adversary.

This is great news for the present GOP candidates, as surely the only persons who possibly could stomach attending their rallies are paid actors. I hope their getting paid big money, because after attending these GOP events they are going to experience a lifetime of PTSD.