The original of this story has been removed because it’s Ring of Fire’s hope that we will see a uniform voice arising out of Black Lives Matter, which single voice will help the organization convey its goals and plans for social change, which is so necessary in this country. As we made clear in our article, our statements were not an indictment on Black Lives Matters and all those within the organization truly trying to make a difference, it was a recognition that for some reason there does not seem to be a clear voice rising within the organization, rather various independent groups leading with different styles and messages. The problem with this is that a small, vocal group that is part of a larger group can destroy the entire group unless the majority speaks up loudly. We sincerely hope this will occur for the Black Lives Matter movement, which has to be a part of social change, as its voice, experiences and understanding of the issues and problems are crucial to helping to end the social injustices existing in this country.