Internationally, America’s image isn’t what it used to be. Decades of needless wars has left many foreigners wary of American policy and American promises. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who can help repair that image. His policies and his record show that Bernie, win or lose, will do what he thinks is right for the People.

The threat of Bernie Sanders is real. Establishment organizations are terrified of a candidate that has the interests and will of the people at heart. Should he be elected president, it would mean an end to business as usual as they came to know it in the Bush years.

Fox News and other conservative publications know this. It’s why they try to trivialize Bernie as a candidate. Instead, they’ll offer nearly unlimited airtime to discuss and rehash the divisive and often offensive rhetoric of someone like Donald Trump.

Hope for change rippled through the world with the election of Barack Obama, but it was soon dashed as Congress and conservative interests proceeded to block every move he made.

Now, we have a chance to show the world that we mean to throw off the bonds of oligarchy and corporatocracy. We have a chance to elect a candidate that will fight for the working class, not the billionaire class.

We have a chance to elect Bernie Sanders and the world is watching.

Below is a Facebook post that states it very well:

There are people from Scotland, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, India, Portugal, Sweden, England, France, quite literally, all over the world, following and messaging in support of Bernie Sanders. We do it from different countries and timezones for one reason – BECAUSE YOU BROKE OUR HEARTS AMERICA.

We stood by powerlessly and watched the Bush years turn you into something that you are not, and it truly broke our hearts. We despaired for you in the Obama years, all of that shimmering promise, destroyed by vindictive little men with small minds. We are grieving for you America, for all that you once were and all that you could be, and we stand beside you now with the steely defiance of not accepting anything less than you deserve. Bernie Sanders is simply THE MOST formidable candidate that the Republicans could ever come up against. That is why FOX and most news media are ignoring the revolution that is happening right underneath them. Here we are, with a pulsating groundswell – and FOX and other news media refuse to acknowledge it. There is TRUE POWER in Bernie Sanders, they see it, they recognise it, his history proves it and it frightens them – beyond belief. Their solution is to ridicule it, ignore it and passively encourage Hillary Clinton as their preference. They want to give him as little oxygen as possible in the hope of suffocating him now, before his message reaches too far, too wide, before it inspires too many. The Republicans and FOX are portraying Bernie Sanders as an “irrelevant fringe candidate” with a “misplaced, destructive, socialist agenda.” Sneering in their disdain.

In Australia, we are not dressed in khaki “Crocodile-Hunter” uniforms, arms extended in enthusiastic salute as we goose-step past billboard portraits of our “fearless leader.” It’s all quite normal here. Implementing policies based on compassion and equality doesn’t make you North Korea. Controlling, censoring and manipulating the media does. They know that, but want to instil fear in you to think otherwise. This clearly shows how out-of-touch the Republicans, FOX, Rupert Murdoch and most news media are about the seething disenchantment felt by millions and millions of Americans. It also shows how lowly they value your level of intelligence.

Concerned citizens from around the world have NO vested interest in the outcome of this Primary or Presidential election. NOTHING, besides the wish for a truly modern, progressive, secure, inclusive, prosperous and revolutionary country that fulfils it’s promise of all it could be. When you come together and DEMAND to be treated better in your OWN COUNTRY, the thunderous roar of middle-class America will send shockwaves throughout the world. Make Bernie Sanders your spokesperson and he will propel you and your country into the future. Can you imagine what THAT America would look like? We can, and that – disillusioned Americans – is why, we care so much.

Please repost on your timelines with my permission. With you, in the struggle,

Aleta Langdon. Australia.

Listen to Mike Papantonio and Bernie Sanders discuss compassion in politics: