Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has hired Michael Glassner as his National Political Director. Glassner was former chief of staff for Sarah Palin during her vice presidential bid. Didn’t Trump say he only liked winners? Glassner doesn’t have a good track record with candidates winning. He also was an aide for Bob Dole when he ran for president.

“I am pleased to welcome Michael Glassner to our national campaign leadership team,” said Trump in a statement. “In addition to our great success in all the recent national polls, we have built a great team, ultimately driven by my message to Make America Great Again and Mr. Glassner will certainly be an asset to us as we further cement our dominance in the 2016 GOP field.”

Glassner was the director of vice presidential operations for the McCain-Palin campaign. McCain lost that year. Glassner was also the top aide for Sen. Bob Dole’s presidential campaign in 1996. Bill Clinton won that year. Glassner was also a senior advisor to George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign in Iowa. Okay, so he’s 1-for-3; not a good track record, especially considering that Bush actually lost that election, but the Supreme Court gave him the presidency anyway.

Trump’s rhetoric may have him ahead in the polls, but his desired associations will kill him in any election. Trump said he would appoint Palin to a position in his cabinet. McCain named her his running-mate, and his campaign never recovered. Please, Trump, pick all the losers. You deserve such company.