Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore (R) filed paperwork on Wednesday to join the Republican presidential race, reported the Huffington Post. There are now 17 candidates in the race. Is the Republican party really this desperate for a nominee?

Earlier this month, Gilmore said that he will formally join the race during the first week of August. Looking at Gilmore’s track record, he appears to be a milquetoast nobody. He sought the nomination in 2008 but dropped out shortly after announcing his candidacy. He served as Virginia’s governor from 1998 to 2002 and was the chairman of the Republican National Committee in 2001.

Gilmore isn’t exactly a headlines guy. Instead of being an insane wacko bird, like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), he’s a timid snoozefest. The only possible reason for his candidacy is to make money. Citizens United allows candidates to keep money contributed to their respective super PACs, regardless of whether they win or lose. By raising millions, Republican candidates will enjoy hefty paydays. That’s probably the reason for so many candidates in the first place.

Gilmore is a nobody, another bland, white conservative in an expensive suit. He’s too unknown among Republicans and too boring to set the media on fire. The Republican race has gone from being funny to being downright depressing.