When NBC brought racist oddball Pat Buchanan back from the dead to appear on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, the disgraced commentator likened the presidential campaigns of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and GOP clown Donald Trump to one another. Buchanan doubled down on that comparison in an op-ed published on the conservative website WND.com. Buchanan is really sweet on The Donald.

Buchanan wrote:

Between [Sanders’] issues and Trump’s there is overlap. Both denounce the trade deals that deindustrialized America and shipped millions of jobs off to Mexico, Asia and China. But Trump has connected to an even more powerful current.

That is the issue of uncontrolled and illegal immigration, the sense America’s borders are undefended, that untold millions of lawbreakers are in our country, and more are coming. While most come to work, they are taking American jobs and consuming tax dollars, and too many come to rob, rape, murder and make a living selling drugs.

Moreover, the politicians who have talked about this for decades are a pack of phonies who have done little to secure the border.

Salon noted that this excerpt was the length of Buchanan’s comparison. He also said that Sanders’ supporters are “largely white, $50,000-a-year folks with college degrees.” That’s not true because much of Sanders’ support comes from low-income young people. Sanders’ message resonates with that group.

Trump may say things to appeal to the American working class, but it’s worth remembering that Trump is a wealthy corporatist. He’s going to look out for the 1 percent before anything or anyone else. He’s the prototypical pro-business candidate. He will take care of businesses at the expense of American workers. He’s part of the billionaire class, a group that Sanders is fighting.

Buchanan, a noted racist, actually believes Trump has a chance at winning. Trump may be leading the GOP polls, but that’s because he’s generated a veritable media circus with his outlandish and absurd rhetoric. He has the highest net negative ratings of all Republican and Democratic candidates. Sanders has the highest net positive ratings. The two are nothing alike.

Watch Sanders responding to the Trump comparison issue.