Donald Trump is involved in two lawsuits related to his failed Trump University experiment, reported CNN Money. Republicans think Trump’s business acumen will be useful in the White House, but he must first prove that he’s not a fraud.

Trump is being sued by former student Art Cohen, who spent $36,000 on Trump’s real estate programs. He argues that Trump University didn’t keep its promises to provide a good education. Trump University advertised that its professors were “hand-picked” by Trump himself. However, it was found that the professors were independent contractors working commission who made money from selling seminars and other products.

Professors would upsell students on products and services offered by Trump University. For example, professors would offer a “one year apprenticeship” for $1,500. However, that “apprenticeship” was actually a three-day seminar. Once a student paid for the seminar, professors would upsell them again on the “mentorship” program for $10,000. These levels went up to $35,000 for the “Gold Elite” program.

Trump University is a get-rich-quick scheme, and it isn’t for the students. There is no difference between Trump University and those real estate infomercials as seen on late-night TV.