Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is gaining steam among American voters. When compared to Republican presidential candidates, Sanders beats them all, reported AlterNet.

According to a new CNN poll, Sanders leads when matched up against even the leading Republican candidates. The thinnest margin is between Sanders, 48 percent, and Jeb Bush, 47 percent. Sanders does a little better against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), 48 percent against Walker’s 42 percent. Sanders completely dominates the GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, 59 percent to 38 percent.

Sanders has enjoyed an increase in his overall favorability rating, while his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, has been on a steady decline. What’s more, Sanders has the only net positive rating in the key caucusing states: New Hampshire and Iowa, over any other candidate, regardless of party affiliation. His net approval rating is +3, Clinton’s is -19, and Trump scrapes the bottom at -28.

Upon his candidacy announcement, Sanders was quickly considered to be an underdog who’s unlikely to win or even be a viable contender. That notion is quickly dissolving. Sanders’ grassroots support is spreading like wildfire, and he is steamrolling through the polls. Feel the Bern.