NBC lost more credibility after the network had racist meatsack Pat Buchanan appear on Meet the Press with host Chuck Todd on Sunday. If NBC continues down this path, they will have extreme-GOP hate machine Mike Savage on next.

Buchanan’s presence on Meet the Press ignited a firestorm on Twitter. It appears that no one forgot why the network dumped Buchanan three years ago. He received heavy backlash in 2012 after the publication of his book Suicide of a Superpower in which he claims that diversity and immigration are ruining America. In the past, he has defended Adolf Hitler and accused Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of being “the most divisive man in contemporary history.”

In his commentary, Buchanan likened Republican nutjob Donald Trump to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in that Trump is also a populist. Not even the absurdity of Buchanan’s comments could overshadow the fact that he was on NBC again. Social media erupted. People were angry because “the racist xenophobe Pat Buchanan” was back on NBC, talking nonsense yet again.

Here are some of the tweets. Keep in mind, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s kind of surprising that Todd had any respect at all.

Separately, Buchanan and Todd are awful. Together, they are a raging dumpster fire of immense proportions. One is a corporate media weasel with the personality of a tree stump. The other is a racist, homophobic bigot (remember that time when someone threw salad dressing on Pat?) . These two never appearing on the same program again would be a life-long gift.