A Republican Missouri gubernatorial candidate who’s running on the platform of “traditional marriage” and family values said he used to be gay before having a “religious experience,” reported RawStory.

Missouri State Sen. Bob Dixon (R) said his “religious experience” to become a heterosexual occurred in 1988. Having been gay for five years before then, Dixon likely underwent “religious conversion therapy,” a method that insane evangelicals use to “turn” gay people straight. Many young men whose parents think they’re gay are forced into this pseudo-therapy.

“It is my faith in God that helps me to daily set the compass,” said Dixon. “I hope the people of Missouri will accept my record of service as a reflection of my faith in the Almighty, because that frankly is at the core of what I do.”

You’d think that because of his past he’d be more sympathetic to the LGBT community. This seems unlikely, and his family certainly isn’t. Dixon’s mother, Jean, said her son attempted suicide in the 80s because his family wouldn’t accept him as a homosexual. “It was a heartache I had to deal with, and it was a tough one,” said Jean.

It appears that Dixon is yet another unfortunate victim of the evangelical cycle of hate.