Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for a dramatic transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, reported Reuters. Clinton said her goal as president is to generate enough green energy to power every American home within a decade after taking office.

“I want more wind, more solar, more advanced biofuels, more energy efficiency,” said Clinton at a rally in Iowa on Sunday. “And I’ve got to tell you, people who argue against this are just not paying attention.” Clinton also pledged to have over half-a-billion solar panels installed across the country in her first term as president.

Part of Clinton’s plan to help bolster clean energy is to extend federal clean energy tax incentives, making the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy more cost efficient. Critics of alternative energy sources often say that expanding solar and wind energy would cripple the economy and kill jobs. However, Clinton noted how the exact opposite is true. “If we start addressing it, we’re going to actually be creating jobs and new businesses,” she said.