An overwhelming majority of Republicans do not feel that Congress has their interests in mind, reported Politico. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is cashing in on that frustration which is boosting him through the polls.

According to a new CNN/ORC poll, 84 percent of Republicans believe that Congress doesn’t represent their views. What’s worse is that Trump is playing to the frustration and anger felt by the Republican constituency. Trump doesn’t have a lot of good ideas, but he’s rallying the angry conservative masses. Unfortunately, it appears to be working, for now.

Trump leads the polls at 18 percent, with Jeb Bush trailing in second at 15 percent. Eighteen percent doesn’t seem like a lot, but Trump having the lead in a Republican race with 16 candidates is alarming. Adding to the quagmire, immigration has emerged as Trump’s top issue, while only 14 percent of conservative voters consider it a top priority. It’s not Trump’s platform that’s popular; it’s his boisterous, angry persona.

This is a little frightening. Have conservative voters really gotten this desperate? Trump’s only appeal is that he’s loud, racist, and angry. Unfortunately, conservative voters identify with that.