It’s not the act of being captured that is heroic. It’s the act of survival. It’s the ability to endure the most extreme levels of physical and mental torture without losing the will to survive.

This applies to POWs, but also to everyday people struggling with real world problems as basic as food, shelter and medical care. It’s the ability to raise a family with the uncertainty of knowing whether you will be able to properly provide for them.  It’s the ability to wake up each day with horrendous medical issues, but still go to work and perform, knowing you are not appreciated and certainly not being paid justly. It’s the ability to live in an area fraught with violence and drugs, but not succumb.

The problem with Donald Trump is that he has absolutely no appreciation for what it takes to honorably survive. Instead, he has built his life off destroying others for his own personal enjoyment. He is the type of person that avoids placing himself in any form of danger if it does not directly and immediately benefit him. Even then, he will not put himself in danger, but will send others to suffer the consequences.

Trump is the farthest thing from a leader because he has no sense of what it takes to survive in America for those not lucky enough to live his lifestyle. In fact, it’s this trait the truly distinguishes Progressives from the GOP. It’s an understanding of what it takes for many people to wake up each day and carry on without believing that suicide or crime is a better path. Most important, it’s a desire to want to help people survive, rather than make it more difficult.

Trump has no idea what a hero is, and never will.