Former MSNBC talking head Pat Buchanan is returning to the network to make an appearance on NBC’s Meet The Press on Sunday, reported Crooks and Liars. Considering Buchanan’s past relationship with the network, how is he getting airtime?

In 2012, MSNBC dumped Buchanan because of the blowback caused by his book, Suicide of a Superpower. In the book, Buchanan said diversity and immigration are ruining America. According to C&L, Buchanan also has a past of defending Adolf Hitler, saying the German leader was “an individual of great courage.” Buchanan’s racist credentials don’t end there.

Buchanan once said that “both sides were right” during the Civil War. He refused to disavow the idea that minorities have “inferior genes.” He defended school bans on interracial dating, and also said “conservatives are the niggers of the Nixon administration.” Last, but not least, Buchanan said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was “one of the most divisive men in contemporary history.” Pat Buchanan is something else.

Whatever sick angle NBC is trying to play here is anyone’s guess. The network said Buchanan is appearing to discuss Donald Trump with Meet the Press host Chuck Todd. But why? Maybe one racist, old white guy talking about another racist, old white guy is the angle? Either way, it’ll be garbage.